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The mission of True Body is to not only provide a workout, but to educate individuals about their body. We do this by layering in specific cues and imagery that help the participant engage in the exercises with anatomically sound form. This way of teaching helps to strengthen the body to create better functionality throughout fitness related and everyday activities. True Body Pilates based workouts are especially geared towards those who are busy and on the go, as there is little to no equipment necessary to accomplish the workouts. In addition to the invigorating and educational Pilates mat workout, True Body offers quick, simple and nourishing recipes that work in collaboration with the exercises to build a healthy and balanced body. True Body prides itself on recognizing that our busy lives need to be made balanced and manageable which is why our quick workouts allow individuals to feel their best throughout the day and the simple recipes provide fuel.

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About Me

Rachel McCaulsky, creator of True Body, has designed a series of instructional Pilates workouts as well as recipes based on clean eating to develop a lean body. Rachel is a certified Pilates instructor and has taught for nearly 14 years. She has led a professional dance career, performing around the world with Alvin Ailey II, Ballet Hispanico and Dallas Black Dance Theatre to name a few. Her love of fitness and healthy eating has inspired her to share her workouts and healthy recipes with the world. Rachel’s workouts and recipes are designed for health enthusiasts as well as those just beginning a healthful journey. The workouts are designed to be quick yet effective for those on the go. With minimal or no equipment necessary these workouts can be achieved anywhere. Her recipes are fun, quick, delicious and body fueling.

What’s Coming Up

True Body Special Event 

True Body is more than just a place to get in shape — it’s a dedicated community. Check out what’s going on this month and join me for one of my upcoming events or workshops. Take a chance and challenge yourself by signing up for something new. I guarantee you’ll come away with an incredible experience and a satisfied feeling.


"I have been taking Rachel's Pilates class for over two years. She is truly an inspirational teacher and makes each class unique and enjoyable. 
I own a company in NY and sit at a desk most of the day, but after a class with Rachel, my entire body feels like I've had a great massage.
I feel more fluid and flexible. She is an excellent instructor and provides different ideas and modifications, depending upon level and ability.
I am 50+ and I truly believe that Pilates with Rachel may be one of the best tools in my anti-aging regimen!"

Dawn D., Executive Recruiter, Age 50+

"Rachel’s Pilates classes are wonderful, fun, and made me sore in all the right places! Pilates classes started making me feel stronger, toner, and more motivated to exercise. Rachel is very upbeat, encouraging, and professional...she makes sure you stay motivated and on point throughout your workout, even for novices like myself!"

Brittney G., Special Education Teacher, Age 27

"Rachel brings the rare combination of knowledge, skill and positive energy to Pilates training. She takes an active role in demonstrating correct posture, has infinite patience, beautiful form, and freely shares the practical application of her years professional dance experience. After a couple months of consistent training, you'll smile when you see the difference in the mirror."


"I have enjoyed Pilates classes with Rachel since January 2016. She is a fabulous teacher, and her calming voice always takes us through a vigorous and effective work out. My neck and shoulders were incredibly sore until I started the Pilates Mat classes. Rachel is wonderful and her classes are equally challenging with or without props. I would highly recommend her for anyone new to Pilates, and also veterans of the practice. My posture has definitely improved since attending classes by Rachel."

Emily K, Program Coordinator, Age 35

“It was always difficult for me to stick to any exercise routine because I’m already on my feet all day, but with Rachel’s Pilates classes, I forget how tired I am and end up finding energy I didn’t realize I still had. Rachel is so energetic and motivating that it just radiates and livens up the room. Since participating in her Pilates classes, I have learned to target specific muscles depending on what my exercise goals are because she shares her knowledge of the body with us as we go through the various forms. What I love about Rachel is that her lessons don’t end once the class is over, I can go home and whip up one of her healthy recipes or even continue her classes at home through her videos. I have no excuse not to exercise and she makes it so easy to incorporate her routines into a busy lifestyle."

Samantha M., Teacher, Age 29

“I love that Rachel is a professional dancer and can combine her knowledge of both careers. Rachel's Pilates has helped to highlight areas that I need to strengthen and what I truly love about Rachel's videos is her use of imagery and attention to what you should be feeling. I love that they are short and can be done in 15 minutes and that they target certain zones in your body. If you are lucky enough to take a live class with Rachel you will see and feel her passion, energy and excitement! Her meals are clean, fresh and healthy! I absolutely love her Asian kale salad, her tortilla soup and her quiche. There isn't anything I haven't loved and haven't been able to recreate.”

Michelle H., Dancer & Dance Teacher, Age 35

"A feeble body weakens the mind"

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Pilates Stretches

Contact Me

My goal is to offer Pilates workouts and healthy recipes that suit the health needs and fitness experiences of everyone. Contact me to find out more about True Body and how it can benefit your life.


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